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[10 May 2005|01:57pm]

so the year has come to an end. i can't believe i won't be a freshman anymore.
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[24 Apr 2005|08:18pm]

Sadly, I wont be matriculating at Loyola next fall. I think I'm going to stick with Cornell. Nice knowing you guys...
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[10 Apr 2005|08:14pm]
What is the policy on electric instruments for most dorms at Loyola? If they are allowed I need to work on getting a smaller amp soon. Much thanks.
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[30 Mar 2005|06:53pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi, I'm a big dashboard fan and I read on his website that he is coming to loyola. does anyone know if this is true and where and when I can buy tickets?

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hey :) [15 Mar 2005|02:18am]

it's nice to see that a Loyola MD community exists on here. doesn't look like anyone's posted in a while though...I'm new, so I just wanted to say hi! I'm a sophomore interdisciplinary writing/english major. feel free to im me/post on my journal. it's always fun to meet other LoCos.

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[26 Oct 2004|07:20am]

Loyola is now on Facebook. Everyone should sign up! I did it at my old school and it is really good for meeting people. Just go to http://www.thefacebook.com !
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[11 Sep 2004|10:16am]

I am having a good time my first week at Loyola. How is everyone else's school year going?
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[13 Aug 2004|06:00pm]

This may be the stupiest post you all have ever seen, but I am trying to figure out how I "measure up" to other people who have been accepted to Loyola. I would absolutely love to go there! I'm applying this fall (it's my senior year in high school), and i'm just curious about admissions.

If anyone could give me any tips or let me know what you think about certain admissions info and basically just where I stand.. that would be great! I posted at theprincetonreview.com, also.. here's my post if you need some info about me: http://discuss.princetonreview.com/tm.asp?m=6999557

Any help would be wonderful. Thank you all :)
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[20 Jul 2004|09:11pm]

hi ummm my name is caitlin and i'm gonna be a freshamn at loyola in the fall and i know theres only like 6 members but there was only like 1 a month ago so...just wanted to say hi
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[20 Jul 2004|02:18pm]

I am entering my senior year (of high school) this fall and I am planning on applying to Loyola. It is my # 1 choice out of all the colleges I have looked at.

Can anyone give me a students perspective of the college and tell me things about the college that the brochures and online do not explain? I am planning on visiting sometime this summer, but an insider's look could really help.

Comment or im me (splooshforever on aim) or email me @ Splooshforever@hotmail.com

Thanks so much.

I don't really write in my livejournal often at all...I have a deadjournal. www.deadjournal.com/~heebygeebies
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Computer for sale [08 Jul 2004|07:47pm]

My name is Maria and I'm a MICA student.

I'm planning on selling my Dell Dimension Desktop 2400
(I believe) to anyone who wants it. My computer is in Baltimore at the moment, and I'm not, so I can't tell exactly what features and programs it has, but if you're interested, contact me.

Just to let you know, I'm selling it as it is (no boxes or anything) and you should come and pick it up yourself. I am thinking about selling it for ABOUT $300, but the price is negotiable. I will be in Baltimore around the end of August, so you can have it by then. If you would like to check it out, or are interested, of course just contact me:

E-mail: chet60@hotmail.com
SN: spaNiSHmaRia1

Please, someone, buy it from me. :-)
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[02 Jul 2004|05:04pm]

I know that no one reads this but I figure one of you could answer my question anyway. I just found out that I am living in Avila Hall next year. Because I am a transfer student, I have absolutely no information about this place. Can anyone tell me a little about it? Thanks!
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Hiya! [25 Jun 2004|02:00pm]

[ mood | content ]

What's happening peeps? I just say you online and wanted to say hi. I graduated loyola back in 1999, but might be able to answer some questions you had before...

Loyola has 3 campuses in baltimore area...Balto City (Main Campus), Timonium and Columbia. The other two are usually for graduate courses or non-undergrad certificates.

Also, a couple hints on getting started...get your friends to signup on LiveJournal.com and add them to LoyolaCollege community. Add more keywords to the search too, like events in baltimore (artscape, jhu festival, etc.) or even people groups (african american, hispanic, gay, lesbian). Anything to get loyolacollege's name to popup on a search.

Heh, and it's always good to start posting gossip (not too bad now). What teacher sucks...who is awesome...what classes to take and avoid. Things like that people want to know!

Anyways, enough out of me. Take care and holla back when you get a chance.

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[23 Jun 2004|04:43pm]

I wonder if anyone will ever find this community. I hope so.
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First entry [03 Jan 2004|05:30pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I'm bored and it's Christmas break so I made this community...

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